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I wish she could live forever to be a role model for all young girls. Is that true that she dated david lee roth of van halen fame. Jaclyn smith was once one of the most naturally gorgeous famous women ever but sadly she like too many celebrities ruined her face with unnecessary plastic surgery and she doesn t even look like the same beautiful woman. She always seemed to me like a person who is sincere and down to earth.

And in jaclyn s beauty book the american look she said that she has green eyes not brown much less dark brown although they are beautiful too that it says on this site. Very beautiful woman and wonderful actress jaclynmay 31 2011 i will not think of her i can see her if you had one voice i will like to be and please do paulmar 29 2011 she is my dream lady. Rosemary rossapr 28 2010 leemar 27 2010 jaclyn smith seems to be a natural beauty. She is numero uno when it comes to beauty style charm and grace.

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She hardly looks any older now than she looked years ago. Paulsep 6 2010 we are on a who s dated who site. Mazinmar 27 2011 jaclyn is still the most beautiful woman in the world and she is a most sweet and kind lady.
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although a large number of radium paint factories existed one in particular is identified with this infamous episode the united states radium corporation sited on two acres at the southwest corner of high and alden streets in orange new jersey. It is this disturbance of soil which makes it difficult to grow trees in many mined areas in the u. the contents of three are yellow powders the contents of the other three are white crystals. Share this march 1 2009 here are some more photos of my radioactive material collection. i ll share some quotes about the technical operation of this facility and a pic of my samples of its product undark. the lower right photo shows a ra 226 foil source from a batch of smoke detectors make unknown that was intercepted on its way into a pennsylvania junkyard. Luther gable the man responsible for the notorious gable ionic charger.

the uranium concentration is through the roof it emits 11 000 cpm into a 2 pancake gm tube making it more than twice as hot as the hottest decorative vaseline glass items i own. left is a pyrotronics f5 b4 with its annular source holder bearing six thin sealed sources at right is an f3 5a and its pedestal source containing a single foil covered by a screw adjustable bonnet. Mercury used in underground and hydraulic mining for gold causes water pollution affecting aquatic life note wwf and mongabay. if you have some and it s in need of a good home let me know. This is called bioaccumulation and high concentrations of selenium cause reduced births and therefore numbers of macroinvertebrates in the streams according to the 2013 bioscience study. 17 so large areas of mined land lie here. paint application building exterior about 300 dial painters virtually all of them young women came to work here between the years of 1917 and 1926.

The displaced fertile topsoil is eroded or transported away leaving the area unfit for growing any trees. These raw ceramic underglazes containing uranium are a gift from william melstrom who made the vase pictured above. Fine and coarse particulate matter pm that measure less than 2.
Kodak 8 mm film projector left and camera right with radioactive thorium lenses. so former forested areas are reclaimed by planting grass which alone can survive in these conditions notes a study reported in bioscience in 2013. Reduction of watershed area one of the ways ground water is depleted is by reducing the watershed area by cutting forests. it remains virtually as radioactive as it ever was.


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