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He split from cnn s senior congressional correspondent dana bash 40 last march after four years of marriage less than a year after she gave birth to their son jonah frank king who is john king cnn dating. Mediagazer simplifies this task by organizing the key coverage in one place. John has a got a new office it s really gorgeous. The petite blonde is a favourite at the network. Cnn chief national correspondent john king could be ousted from the network in favour of new chief washington correspondent jake tapper mailonline can reveal. Another who will be feeling anxious is soledad o brien who currently hosts the cnn morning show starting point which has struggled in the ratings despite being critically applauded.

Both jake and john are uber forces in washington and a source said people are wondering what jeff has planned for john. We are ecstatic to announce the birth of jonah frank king he wrote. Hour currently occupied by wolf blitzer s situation room. King from boston massachusetts has a son and a daughter both teenagers from his first marriage. Cnn network s managing editor mark whitaker then announced that he was going to quit as it emerged tapper s former abc colleague chris cuomo was coming over to start a new morning show. blitzer will be cut back to 5 to 7 p.

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But o brien will now have to renegotiate her role and try to avoid being put on the dreaded special assignment duty which will see her consigned to graveyard slots and obscurity. Tapper is now in king s former office and the correspondent left him a bottle of johnny walker black as a moving in gift. Right leaning erickson has been with cnn since 2010 when he started as a contributor on john king usa which has already been axed before becoming a contributor across the network.
But perhaps the biggest news of all is that the voice of james earl jones will once again speak the this is cnn greeting. Zucker said in a statement i want to thank mark for his service at cnn. But healthy and overjoyed at our miracle.


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When a tv show was investigating they had many personal experiences like hearing music softly playing seeing shadows etc. Noting concrete was proven but there is a deep history of the property. No one really knows if the ghost was a resident from the girl s home or the original owner other than to say the girl appeared fairly young speed dating buffalo new york. Orchard park m a d s there is believed that a spirit named ronald inhabits this very old building. Doors shut which require two people to close due to weight and doors open which require three individuals. There are also reports of people seeing the image of a skeleton. Mohegan lake diner basement is said to be haunted. Westchester buckhout road on the border of white plains ny and possibly new castle ny there is a road tucked away in the woods.

Reports of seeing them there been made many times there. It is located in the middle of the woods on your right. Forestport the british army in their retreat used north lake road after the siege of fort stanwix. The boy s ghost still haunts the clock tower today and can be seen opening the door that leads to it. Many apparitions have been seen including a man in a cowboy hat and trench coat and a small child. Now that her home is a restaurant that serves alcohol she has come back to haunt the place. the house has since burned down it has been reported that there are several gypsies buried in the basement and there spirits haunt the area. most of the sightings have occurred around the old and abandoned bomb shelter which hasn t been used since the late 70 s .

Other ghosts seen include the black lady a shadowy female figure seen and heard in the balcony. Workers will at times be in the back back section in the freezer when they feel a sudden sense of danger and a hurried need to get out. Another man was seen on d wing wandering from room to room then disappears.
Some people don t see the man but here a voice whisper come here. East otto cemetery at night if you go there you will see two headless women running away from this man with an axe they scream as this man is chasing them and your car will shake and your horn will beep all by itself it is very scary just get out of there as soon as you can. A former cook in brockway which was at one time the oldest dining hall on campus. In march another worker saw the same ghost materialize by the staircase.

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