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127 i ve known lots of addicts that thought moving to a different area would cure their addiction. We had as perfect of a relationship as anybody could and he brought so much happiness into my life. Man this set me off this was a dream job for me yeah it was only tech support over the phone but it was finally more of a real job a normal job. They give advice when its warranted they are there if you need to call them when craving they are there when you call crying the thing is they are someone to talk to other than your family or friends. No matter how much your family or friends love you they just don t understand. We have to learn how to suppress our cravings we need therapy but there will always be that little thing in the back of our heads wanting and craving opiates. He might be able to recover and pull out of this and be all set for the rest of his life but beware he could also slip and relapse at any point in time of his life.

I was a beer sales representative in addition to being a computer technician part time at staples i made over 60k a year but i worked 7 days a week and about 70 hours a week it sucked. What i suggest if you are unsure about being with him you honestly have a lot to consider. He has said if he has to move where i am he will do it. Reason spellingany hope when dating an addict. It s so common that they have a name for it in na. I was addicted to opiates and honestly once you are an opiate addict you will always be an opiate addict. I only joined yesterday but i ve been reading posts from guys like robert henry and alex for quite awhile and it really helps me to be here.

So after hearing that news from apple i totally lost it and started snorting my mothers pain pills dating former addict. Clean but i had 30days under my belt only 4mos. About a week before his arrest he came to me about wanting to be done with all pills his prescription for xanax and percocet and was sick of depending on them.
So that was lengthy but i hope you got some good information in that. Last edited by anonymous 03 05 2011 at 09 34 am. btex 20 i can kind of give you my little story here and then some advice that may help. Plus suboxone doesn t give me that high while squashing withdrawals and i will taper down to where i wil be taking 1mg a day and then done with hopefully little to no withdrawal effects.

I believe moving can physically help the addiction but it is also more of a mental thing it gives you a fresh new start dating former addict.

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