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And considering he is over twice my size it s not hard for him to be. I guess it s no surprise how i got pregnant four times in nine years lol. He ordered me to spread my legs and at that point i did. Nothing is hidden during a spanking and i submit my body to him. I don t attack him personally verbally and i really really hate it when i deserve to be paddled. Last weekend i worked up the nerve to show him a paddle web site and say i wanted to order one and hoped he would spank me once a week. I know what the cane feels like also on the back of my legs and i have often had to wear trousers which are otherwise not allowed for weeks.

Well i cannot speak for all married couples but i can say that spanking works perfectly in my marriage and has done so for the 16 years my beloved husband and i have been together. She usually gets it for her mouth acting out not following through on things poor very poor communication and making life difficult but mostly for not meeting personal goals related to health and fitness. leave a commenti gotta admit this post and a lot of the comments turned me on. I agree that wives should get spanked when their husbands see fit. Absolutely if she consents wants it. I was out with friends on the saturday evening celebrating one of my friends birthday. I suppose i am the old fashioned type.

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If both parties agree on domestic discipline i think that they should make a list of rules for eachother. It came in the mail yesterday and i am nervous. I would have to spank so hard and so long because she is a die hard spanko it almost felt abusive to me.
nothing like an evening out with him and getting the look and spending the rest of the evening knowing what is coming. Like other comments i have read we believe it is the wife s responsibility to remove her own panties prior to a maintenance spanking. I remember being horrified and embarrassed. We make up and i m not sure i can change the person i am.


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you re totally deluded and can t even formulate a proper argument just like those deluded muslims out there with their wacky ideas and beliefs. I have my theories but if i voice them i might sound crazy. But i don t personally know how to remove them. If the world is only five thousand years old why are there written documents that talk about histories older than that. The scientists who were trying to build the chronology found the tree rings so ambiguous that they could not decide which rings matched which using the bristlecone pine . Libby the discoverer of the c14 dating method was very disappointed with this problem. Joninjapan in answer to your question regarding the egyptian heiroglyphs and the helicopter etc they don t depict those items.

Mycho saniac new evidence puts man in north america 50 000 years ago date november 18 2004source university of south carolinasummary radiocarbon tests of carbonized plant remains where artifacts were unearthed last may along the savannah river in allendale county by university of south carolina archaeologist dr. Both parties have a tendency to destroy what they don t understand. I just left a comment on your article on infowars. I believe dinosaurs served or fulfilled a certain purpose and were not included among the animals taken into refuge onto the ark before the great flood of noah s day. Hint hardly no one agrees with you dinosaurs carbon dating. After building the product for huffington post and owning the product and engineering groups at aol after we were acquired it was clear to me there was a huge gap between what the current cms offering gave the world and what the world needed. Really izraulhidashi adam was intelligent huh.

Do you seriously think noah was so stupid as to take the largest specimen of each dinosaur kind. He understood that archaeological artifacts were readily available. Its ok cause i m done trying to turn a fool from their own foolishness continue on believing what you want but stop wasting my time ok cause your not in your normal state of mind and need counselling for mental damage caused by always being wrong continue on dinosaurs carbon dating.
These humans who grew to up to 36ft are the missing link to the timeless question how d they move the limestone. Or that girl in the uk who was gang raped by a bunch of people it was noticed that the offenders were all muslim. Are there dinosaurs alive today.

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