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Many teens who have experienced abuse find that painful emotions may linger even after the abuse stops. In addition there have been reported incidents of colleges questioning accounts of alleged victims further complicating documentation and policing of student assaults despite such preventative legislation as the clery act. People who are being abused often feel afraid numb or lonely. The age at which individuals are considered competent to give consent called the age of consent varies in different countries and regions in the us the age ranges from 16 to 18. If you or anyone you know is being abused talk to someone you or your friend can trust a family member a trusted teacher a doctor or a school or religious youth counselor. These prohibitions were reinforced by the 1977 additional protocols to the 1949 geneva conventions.

Statutory rape edit national and regional governments citing an interest in protecting young people variously defined but sometimes synonymous with minors from sexual exploitation treat any sexual contact with such a person as an offense not always categorized as rape even if he or she agrees to or initiates the sexual activity types of dating abuse. Neglect occurs when a child or teen doesn t have adequate food housing clothes medical care or supervision. Contents the term date rape is used to refer to several types of rape broadly acquaintance rape which is a non domestic rape committed by someone who knows the victim 1 and drug facilitated sexual assault dfsa where the rapist intentionally drugs the victim with a date rape drug so that they are incapacitated. What should someone who s being abused do. Recognizing abuse it may sound strange but people sometimes have trouble recognizing that they are being abused. Some teens can only feel better by doing things that could hurt them like cutting or abusing drugs or alcohol types of dating abuse.

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Neglect is difficult to identify and define. There s also childhelp usa at 800 4 a child 800 422 4453 . Gang rapes involved more alcohol and other drug use night attacks and severe sexual assault outcomes and less victim resistance and fewer weapons than individual rapes.
Recognizing abuse may be especially difficult for someone who has lived with it for many years. It also covers the situation where girls and women are forced into prostitution or sexual slavery by an occupying power.

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