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Note i would imagine right now you re reading these explanations and thinking something along the lines of wow i just had no idea that this is how attraction works and this is where i went wrong . Your goal here is to come up with a text message that is so interesting that it will be impossible for her to not respond to it. Each of the men who were rated were given an imaginary job title and salary figure. Best of all there s no time limit.

That is why i created this website to help you become the attractive man who has this power over women and more specifically your ex regardless of your occupation salary and looks. She would then have seen you as a poor suitor dumped you and gone off to find a guy who shows more signs of commitment. As the funniest person in your friend group by far everyone always comes to you for advice and instagram captions. Or thinking about anything else remotely physical on her body.

But first things first how do you tap into emotional memories over text messages. Film festival downtown that you re pretty sure no one under the age of 55 will be attending. Now i am not saying that it is impossible to get her back.
Quality looks lets do a fun exercise.

Are they just getting bored talking to you.

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