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Those who had trouble flying were either setback to the following or next following class or were eliminated and quickly sent to another duty station. Uniformed sergeants epaulettes feature three down pointed chevrons below a personal identification number. We chose names from a hat and i was one of the lucky group of about 100 student officers and wocs who were to represent our class. Popplewell couldn t fly one day and the screamer was detailed to instruct me. on one such occasion i was flying with another student for the first time on a night cross country. The water in late february was pretty cold and i gasped as i went under.

he warrant good enough to be an enlisted men and he warrant smart enough to be an officer so they called them warrant officer. If you weren t scheduled to fly with your ip to the stagefield you took the bus with the other members of your flight. We landed at the main heliport and after the debriefing headed back towards the officer student company for release dating flight instructor. They usually commanded a section of twenty men with two corporals under him. At between 1 to 3 feet collective was applied to cushion the touchdown while at the same time using the cyclic to place the helicopter in a skids level attitude at touchdown. Army above specialist and corporal and below staff sergeant and is the second lowest grade of non commissioned officer.

The senior officer in our class was an ex special forces captain who was made student class commander by virtue of his rank dating flight instructor. This portion was taught by the military and i was really happy to get back to the open no bullshine atmosphere of army aviation. crud i really couldn t believe that we would have to fly this close tactically when we graduated flight school.
The responsibilities of a sergeant differ from army to army. Its origin is the latin serviens one who serves through the french term sergent.

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