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But i didn t have an outbreak at my delivery and at my doctor s recommendation i delivered vaginally. The main use of ultrasonography are in the following areas 1. The risk is also high if she has prior infection with hsv 1 but not hsv 2 dating during pregnancy. You can take long romantic walks enjoy candle lit dinners or give each other back rubs. Serial measurements are useful in monitoring growth of the fetus. Using computer controls the operator can obtain views that might not be available using ordinary 2 d ultrasound scan.

They are emitted from a transducer which is placed in contact with the maternal abdomen and is moved to look at likened to a light shined from a torch any particular content of the uterus. Some abnormalities are very difficult to find or to be absolutely certain about. Or to follow up on possible abnormalities seen at an earlier scan. But ovulation will occur before you start having menstrual periods again so remember that you can still become pregnant during this time. Click for some good sample images courtesy of dr. The dramatic difference between the numbers of babies infected and mothers shedding virus have led researchers to conclude that even babies who are exposed to viral shedding rarely become infected probably because of maternal antibodies passed through the placenta.

Since the highest risk to an infant comes when the mother contracts hsv 1 or 2 during pregnancy you can take steps to ensure that you don t transmit herpes during this crucial time. Some centers will do blood test biochemical screening at the same visit. For example if another scan done 6 or 8 weeks later says that one should have a new due date which is further away one should not normally change the date but should rather interpret the finding as that the baby is not growing at the expected rate.
One should not dwell too much on the definitions or guidelines for a level ii ultrasound scan. The gestational sac can be visualized as early as four and a half weeks of gestation and the yolk sac at about five weeks. There is also a small risk of transmission from asymptomatic shedding when the virus reactivates without causing any symptoms .


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