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Eurydice immediately allied herself with cassander and persuaded her husband to nominate him as the new regent. Arrhidaeus is also a main character in annabel lyon s novel the golden mean. He was in babylon at the time of alexander s death on 10 june 323 bc. Arrhidaeus whereabouts during the reign of his brother alexander are unclear from the extant sources what is certain is that no civil or military command was given to him in those thirteen years 336 323 bc . In renault s version the villainous cassander slows down his advance on macedonia to give olympias enough time to kill arrhidaeus and eurydice.

Eumenes later replaced it with a new one telling him to bury the chariot. In 1977 important excavations were made near vergina leading to the discovery of a two chambered royal tomb with an almost perfectly preserved male skeleton. Arrhidaeus was the most obvious candidate but he was mentally unfit to rule. Philip iii of macedon this article may 2013 philip iii arrhidaeus ancient greek c. He was a son of king philip ii of macedon by philinna of larissa and thus an elder half brother of alexander the great macedonian live sex chat.

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This eventuality did indeed arise and resulted in roxana s son alexander becoming with his uncle phillip iii co sovereign on the throne of macedon macedonian live sex chat. Cassander s refusal to accept his father s decision sparked the second war of the diadochi in which eurydice saw once again a chance to free philip from the control of the regent. 359 bc 25 december 317 bc reigned as king of macedonia from after 11 june 323 bc until his death.
Struck under perdikkas circa 323 320 bc.

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