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Has anything ever irritated you about people you ve worked with. Com for a good idea of what someone with your specific experience should be paid. Do the background work it will make you stand out as someone who comes prepared and is genuinely interested in the company and the job. It s important here to focus on the word implemented. Freememory return amount of free memory in bytes runtime.

Accessing an element with the index is o 1 in arraylist but its o n in linkedlist. answer you can either use the sorted collection like treeset or treemap or you can sort using the ordered collection like a list and using collections. answer 86 how to you calculate the difference between two dates in java. answer immutable objects are those whose state cannot be changed once created. 14 the difference between sleep and wait in java.

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24 difference between a a b and a b. E don t generate dynamic sql by concatenating string with user input. Like many concurrency issues the primary way to avoid false sharing is careful code review and aligning your data structure with the size of a cache line.
answer another great question to check the all round knowledge of java developers. Since both adapter and proxy pattern encapsulate the class which actually does the job hence result in the same structure but adapter pattern is used for interface conversion while the proxy pattern is used to add an extra level of indirection to support distribute controlled or intelligent access.


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