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This technology was never used in eastern asia where other materials such as bamboo may have been more popular. Part of human radiation is an adaptation to life on the ground. Applied to nature this became the survival of the fittest or natural selection. By 1992 the world had already overshot some of its limits. This seems to have followed the end of the last ice age between 15 000 and 8 000 years ago. For our human ancestor survival as a ground living form required that the creature become wide ranging.

Taxonomy primate taxonomy see books phylogeny taxonomy systematics is in a state of flux due to the discoveries made in primate genetics. There is still some disagreement on the final groupings see taxonomy table of primates . Australopithecines coexisted with the first hominines genus homo for up to two million years so there must have been distinct separations of their ecological niches during this time. The relative dating methods of cation ratio cultural affiliation fluorine dating obsidian hydration patination pollen analysis rate of accumulation seriation and varve analysis are linked to sites with more details through the glossary. Sequences of alternating loess windblown sand and often organic rich soil paleosols found in vast regions of asia and europe provides a detailed record of environmental change potts 1998 . He believed this even though he did admit that some heat might be generated by the tidal forces or by chemical action.

Relative versus absolute dating

Erectus found in bed ii of the olduvian gorge are about 1. Sapiens sapiens click to see image early human skull 120 000 years old 1. We need to reduce our interactive effect upon the environment.
Ice core isotopic analysis is used to determine past climates. See the taxonomic table of primates for two comparative classification shcemes. Industrial technology emerged with the steam engine factories and mass production only 200 years ago.

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