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I climb in after her aware of my stomach gliding along the table. Said he wants to buy another car a freign car and looking into buying a house big enough for who ever just started dating my best friend. He s very insecure and has been hurt in the past it feels like he dus not want to love me because he dus not want to get hurt again. I sure do hope that i saved your life before worst circumstances arrived . But all her curves end with sharp points.

Hes told a lot of people i am the one for him. I really love him and i m pretty sure he feels the same way too but i just cant find myself to really tell him how i feel because i m scared that i ll get hurt. And then i told him we needed to talk about all the moodiness happening. I sit down to pee and collect my thoughts. He just not revealing his feelings for me.

Damn i think she was hitting on me. But he didn t say me i wanted him to say me. Kick him out of your place in the same way i threw my husband out of my house.
What if you have tried to understand his actions twice and he kept repeating it such as flirting on social media behind your back . Made another pic of me with another girl s body.


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