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Typically excluded from such published collections are the following groups of works the apostolic fathers the 2nd century christian apologists the alexandrians tertullian methodius of olympus novatian cyprian martyrdoms and the desert fathers. Christian scholars assert that when these bishops and councils spoke on the matter they were not defining something new but instead were ratifying what had already become the mind of the church. The often referred to interpreter s dictionary of the bible a book written to prove the validity of the new testament says a study of 150 greek manuscripts of the gospel of luke has revealed more than 30 000 different readings dating new testament books. It reflects and serves as a source for christian theology and morality. This gospel begins with the preaching of john the baptist and the baptism of jesus.

2 ancient versions several are derived from original texts prior to the most ancient greek manuscripts. They believe that the olivet discourse in luke 21 5 30 is specific enough more specific than mark s or matthew s that a date after 70 seems likely. Although these councils did include statements about the canon when it came to the new testament they were only reaffirming the existing canon including the antilegomena. 5 longer than the alexandrian form of the text. In remained the ne varietur text of the new testament for protestants up to the nineteenth century.

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Objective reality alone accounts for this agreement dating new testament books. Some who take this view believe that luke s prediction of the destruction of the temple could not be a result of jesus predicting the future but with the benefit of hindsight regarding specific details. Manuscripts containing at least a part of the new testament number in the thousands.
Translations of the new testament made since the appearance of critical editions of the greek text notably those of tischendorf westcott and hort and von soden have largely used them as their base text. Differences of chronology style and theology suggest that the author of luke acts was not familiar with paul s distinctive theology but instead was writing a decade or more after his death by which point significant harmonization between different traditions within early christianity had occurred.

They view it as the written revelation and good news of the messiah the ransom sacrifice of jesus and the kingdom of god explaining and expounding the hebrew bible not replacing but vitally supplementing it.

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