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To howard and those who share both his interest and his theory these droplet shaped dents often choked with bay trees hence the name were most likely caused by a life obliterating comet that landed on earth about 13 000 years ago in geologic terms quite recently. Exploding asteroid theory strengthened by new evidence located in ohio indiana geological evidence found in ohio and indiana in recent weeks is strengthening the case to attribute what happened 12 900 years ago in north america when the end of the last ice age unexpectedly turned into a phase of extinction for animals and humans. Some event took place at the start of what we now call the younger dryas period that had a violent effect on the earth s climate world wide. Note the the inclusions of black material in the flows of fine grained clastic rock like the inclusions of till in a flowing glacier of ice. the project leader at least these new photos have scope and detail in them. Thus lasting evidence may have been limited to enigmatic depressions or disturbances in the canadian shield e. University researchers douglas kennett and jon erlandson are part of a group of scientists proposing that a comet or asteroid hit north america about 13 000 years ago near the end of the last ice age and contributed to major events in the continent s history including the die off of horses mammoths and other large mammals around the same time.

These results suggest that if multiple 2 km objects struck the 2 km thick laurentide ice sheet at 30 they may have left negligible traces after deglaciation. The shocker here is that the mountain probably didn t exist in any form at all at until the moment of the impact. And they left the area with some really nice odessa irons. Now a research group that includes two university of oregon scientists is proposing a more dramatic cause for the extinctions a 3 mile wide comet or asteroid exploded over canada or slammed into the continent about 13 000 years ago. But for a good ball park figure to start from the biblical 40 days and 40 nights sounds about right to me. Love stick figure games but don t know why. To sum up the surface rock of the blast burns in the northeast impact zone grades from migmatites which were formed from ordinary sedimentary deposits that were heated almost to the melting point under terrific heat and pressure.

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At one site called murray springs in arizona a well known clovis site the scientists found megafauna covered by the comet debris. But the profoundly simple fact is that ice sheets and glacial lakes don t make pyroclasts or blast melt or any other igneous rock form for that matter. They say the evidence is in a 2 inch thick carbon rich black mat found in about 50 sites across north america.
It s the lighter pink colored almost white stone. Yes a comet caused the carolina bays but 11 600 years ago not 13 000 years ago. But this time the flood waters rose and never receded.

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The board of trustees of the school district or the board s designee shall at the call of the president of the board of trustees regularly meet with the juvenile board for the county in which the district s central administrative office is located or the juvenile board s designee concerning supervision and rehabilitative services appropriate for expelled students and students assigned to disciplinary alternative education programs. 002 a and the discretionary authority of a teacher to remove a disruptive student under section 37. The district in which the student enrolls may continue the expulsion under the terms of the order may place the student in a disciplinary alternative education program for the period specified by the expulsion order or may allow the student to attend regular classes without completing the period of expulsion. a each school district and open enrollment charter school may develop and implement a program in consultation with campus behavior coordinators employed by the district or school and representatives of a regional education service center that provides a disciplinary alternative for a student enrolled in a grade level below grade three who engages in conduct described by section 37.

d each school year a school district shall provide parents notice of and information regarding the student code of conduct. e any placement in a disciplinary alternative education program by a court under this section must prohibit the student from attending or participating in school sponsored or school related activities. 0341 b 2 a student shall be removed from class and placed in a disciplinary alternative education program under section 37. d a person who is not a school employee but is employed by an entity that contracts with a district or school to use school property is not required to make a report under this section and may not be designated by the principal of a public primary or secondary school to make a report.

June 13 2001 acts 2003 78th leg. The commissioner is entitled to access to all district records the commissioner considers necessary or appropriate for the review analysis or approval of disciplinary alternative education program data. g if an expelled student enrolls in another school district the board of trustees of the district that expelled the student shall provide to the district in which the student enrolls at the same time other records of the student are provided a copy of the expulsion order and the referral to the authorized officer of the juvenile court.
b in this section 1 bullying has the meaning assigned by section 37.


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