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Click on these links to download mrs risi plasticine to model the earth. English mr crozier the idea is that it is an entry task which appears not to be linked to the lesson but might be through themes. The ball flashes for 25 30 when they catch the ball they have to give an answer that lasts the entirety of the time the ball flashes. 02 26 2018 13 00 neuroscience news galaxies stars planets and life all are formed from one essential substance matter. for revision after reading a novel students identify five different characters from their text. See below mr collis my bring brag idea use qr codes to link to website urls pictures text etc. if you ask a bonus question with more challenge and no one left in the game can answer the question can be opened up to those who are out.

reflect on your choices how does this team relate to characters actions in the text chemistry speed dating events. they have to answer within 5 seconds of the question being asked otherwise they are eliminated and sit down out of the game. I have renamed it what would downsy say. Each module of work covered is the who . They love using something different like that in a lesson. Business studies miss mclean i use key word chop to motivated the middle ability boys. It is to reward periods of sustained focus and production with a raffle ticket every so many minutes this can vary according to levels of engagement so that the more they earn the greater their chances of winning a prize draw at the end of the lesson.

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A variation on mix and match and card sort format the idea was a they had pictures a problem and a solution. Pupils have to match the keyword to the correct definition chemistry speed dating events. Mrs oliver row race used when students need to learn and annotated diagram eg oxbow lake formation waterfall or longshore drift.
Mr windsor i completed a word search with my year 10 computer science class. So little can survive there that scientists have wondered whether snippets of dna found in the soil are just part of the desiccated skeletons of long dead microbes or traces of hunkered down but still living colonies. Pupils to explain what s happening using key words.

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We took these videos using the carson zorb hooked up to a laptop blackjack trichomes wonder woman trichomes at this point we began flushing the plants feeding them pure ph ed water until harvest before we harvested the plant we were hoping to pull a pound from the tent this grow and we were feeling very hopeful as the buds were long dense and covered in resin. The wonder woman colas are growing extremely thick and rounded in contrast to the blackjack the wonder woman seems to continue demanding more and more nutrients throughout the flowering stage. This setup allows you to start 6 plants at a time. We switched to the 12 12 flowering light schedule on august 22 so plants were vegged for just under 9 weeks tent mains hook up. Note you need 2 x d batteries for this pump to work. And we believe that the plants seemed to be growing a bit more slowly than usual. Between harvests i generally clean the reservoir with bleach water or just regular hot soapy water tent mains hook up.

We were growing two long flowering strains and we harvested when the trichomes were pretty much all cloudy with a few ambers here and there. We weren t worried about the smell of the air coming out of our exhaust just of the smell in our living areas when guests come over . However just like mixing your own super soil you can easily follow an exact recipe that has been proven by other growers and get great results on your first time. This is reflected by the fact that many medical dispesaries tend to sell organic cannabis at a lower cost even for the same strains. Growers artificially create a 12 12 light environment for cannabis plants grown indoors to signal the plant to start flowering making buds . When the thc begins to degrade the milky white trichomes will begin to turn a golden color often referred to as amber . As far as changing the reservoir we use a cheap water transfer pump to easily pump water in and out of the reservoir.

I do not find this to be the case many people ask if i grow organic when they taste my dwc grown buds and i don t use organic nutrients . July 15 2013 moved to separate tubs learn all about the main lining technique here this was our first time main lining a cannabis plant. This is when plants start making buds.
While it is generally recommended to switch to an hps bulb during the flowering stage we kept the metal halide in for a little bit extra time as the blue light from the metal halide tends to reduce stretching. Those were the only nutrients supplements we used for this whole grow. Coco coir other soilless mediums easy to get started perhaps a little more work than regular soil during the grow faster growth.

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