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For one the vatican had already examined the shroud over many years. And yet this is exactly what the hungarian pray manuscript does they refer to the death and burial of jesus with pictures and text but not once do they show an image on the shroud or mention that one could be seen. And of course as i ve already mentioned there are evidently serious anatomical problems with the image jesus face body arms and fingers were unnaturally thin and elongated one forearm was longer than the other and his right hand is too long. Lee boltin the crystal structure of graphite amounts to a parallel stacking of layers of carbon atoms. It needs to be remembered that they were perfectly happy with the integrity of the tests until the tests returned the wrong date. They concluded that the image is an ongoing mystery and. Obviously the artist simply had a problem with drawing hands. What about the detail seen in the image.

jn 11 44 the bible described 75 to 100 pounds of spices being wrapped in the burial cloth. While it is possible that the sample was a patch there is no convincing evidence to support or even suggest this. The facts are that sturp did their tests in 1978 with the scientific tools they had available at the time and importantly they were unable to date the shroud carbon dating does it work. So why don t the gospels who mentioned the linen used to wrap the body bother to mention this miraculous image carbon dating does it work. This confusion aside the bible says that jesus was pierced with a spear but it does not say which side. He saw the strips of linen lying there as well as the burial cloth that had been around jesus head. The shroud artist may simply have decided to forgo tradition and create a more realistic image naked and with wounds in the wrist. Graphitic oxide and graphitic fluoride are nonconducting lamellar substances not obtained in true molecular forms that can be reproduced but their formulas do approximate respectively the compositions of carbon dioxide and carbon monofluoride.

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This is contradicted by other scientists who insist that all the forensic tests specific for blood and only blood have failed. The detail that is supposedly seen in the image would be lost. This is true but as discussed above the image hides his nudity by adopting an unnatural posture.
If the cleaning methods used were inefficient as claimed all three labs should still have cleaned off varying amounts of bacteria even if nowhere near enough to give an accurate test. Any fool can create an image that doesn t accurately reflect reality. Clearly they had no knowledge of it. They knew the shroud s surface intimately.

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