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Ivar and i are wrapping up our summer fieldwork but the project is just beginning. Image nez perce nf fenn ranger station built in the neo georgian style. Camps sponsored boxing matches between ccc enrollees and local men. A cautionary lesson to be sure. We re staying at avery creek forest service cabin which we were lucky to be able to book for a single night. Swan usda fs region 1 missoula. Ccc pocatello district 1935 annual.

Dredge tailings murray idaho camp warm springs near ketchum was created just four weeks after fdr was elected we re on the road again this time to the farthest reach of the ccc in idaho caribou targhee national forest in southeast idaho. We passed through three fire incident camps en route. Photo heyburn state park as we drive hairpin roads through river canyons and over mountain passes we ponder the staggering number of ccc manhours and muscle it took to complete the magruder road still a harrowing 101 mile ridge top drive linking darby mont black dating boise idaho. On arrival ccc men were issued their own kit and clothing which improved over the course of the decade and included both town clothes and work clothes and shoes. fires on the selway the geronimo and gila river hotshots were arriving at fenn ranger station as we pulled up to this jewel of ccc era fs compounds built along a glorious stretch of the selway river leading to the selway bitterroot wilderness area. Members of the us army and army reserves were assigned to organize and run camps thus providing employment to many older men. Remains of a tree burned in the 1910 fire black dating boise idaho.

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1941 put an abrupt stop to this road which has never been completed. Cronies and special interests in mining and grazing demanded a piece of the action in terms of ccc camp placement and road projects. Camp porcupine creek s first job was to clear the area of porcupines.
Near enough forest fires to see flame and driven from our tent by ferocious winds and lightning we re reminded of the primal forces of wind river currents and canyon heat that created central idaho while we are awed by its remote beauty. Joe river corridor and the other follows the clearwater selway and lochsa rivers. Farmers and businesses benefited from orders for local produce and commodities see above as well as services not provided by camp personnel. A bit off the main road is a restored ccc built log cabin which rents out in the summer the former residence of the hatchery supervisor at warm river hatchery below right .


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Nib codes 62 accountant produces very thin lines with a delicate touch. The pen draws ink from the reservoir through a feed to the nib and deposits it on paper via a combination of gravity and capillary action. You see there s a point around the 150 mark where you start paying less for the pen and more for the brand and the fancy superfluous and oftentimes unnecessary materials and designs that go into it dating parker vacumatic pens. Fountain pens may serve as an everyday writing instrument much like the common ballpoint pen. Iii there are however inconsistencies such as missing dots and quarter codes appearing on the wrong side of the year code.

Also be on the lookout for pen brands that try to market you features that are simply untrue no pen has a 24k gold nib as it would bend on contact with anything. The weight is perfect for those with larger hands and it s extremely comfortable to use dating parker vacumatic pens. 7 hester dorsey richardson also found a 1734 notation made by robert morris the elder in the ledger of the expenses of robert morris the younger who was at the time in philadelphia for one fountain pen. Platinum is a japanese brand the smallest of the big 3 and one of the best in the world. Purvis an african american patented a self filler.

This pen is one i could keep in my pocket forever. How the feed is shaped may determine the wetness and flow of a particular pen. 84 in some countries fountain pens are usual in lower school grades believed to teach children better control over writing as many common mistakes of people not used to handwriting like too much pressure or incorrect hold feel unnatural or are almost impossible when using traditional pen tips.
the picture to the left shows an early first year pen with a ribbed hood similar to the pattern found on the pencils.

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