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Immediately realise with relief it is the dip stick. 10 phosphorus syst s special v 5w 30 0. I decided to weaken that carb a tad and given that it s awkward to turn the hs nuts with the air cleaners on i made a box spanner which worked a treat. Whilst fiddling the valve or changing oil grade might stop it happening it s equally likely to move it to a different combination of circumstances or maybe not change it at all. But does that mean they are on the limit of needing replacing. The front cover changed several times 18g engines used cover 12h950 with an angled tube pointing up and back for the basic breathing system with a road draught tube and hose from the rocker cover to the front air cleaner relative and numerical dating. Smear more wellseal on the head by which time the gasket is just staying on both location studs and carefully refit the head.

It s made by comma and they were able to tell me that it contains 0. Now straight away this is incorrect as the cup and rubber washers sit in recesses that extend as grooves down the side of the cover. Clausager mentions that a sintered plug was fitted to the oil gauge at some point to reduce fluttering obviously only partly successful. I ve seen sets of allen bolts for the v8 manifold and one would probably be useful in the lower rear of the right hand manifold and as a replacement for one of the two lower centre bolts the left in this picture but the other one is almost completely covered by the end pipe indeed the bolt has to be fiddled into the hole and started into the head with the manifold clear of the head. However the stud must not be right at the bottom of the slot as this puts the rubber mount under shear and tension stresses instead of compression which will cause premature failure. Going into the engine as before on any longer journeys. Note that the reduction in mgb power and torque from 1973 onwards only applied to north american spec cars uk cars retained full performance to the end.

I think i ll let the weather be the deciding factor. Grahams block seems to have the three rows of h casting numbers indicating it is an 18gb d g of october 64 to august 71 but like the early 3 bearing referred to above does not have a dating clock. Get the front of the car up on stands under the spring pans.
I spent the next few minutes balancing the carbs for air flow. The filter is obvious i m not sure where the restriction is possibly in the pipe on the back of the engine but there definitely is a restriction as the engine note changes when i remove the oil filler cap see below . However another form of relative dating is the use of fossil succession the principle that certain assemblages of fossils can be tracked in a stepwise fashion through geologic time.

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