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But before we go on to eun sung and hwan. Or is it partly because he receives midway in the episode a marriage proposal. A sharp eyed seung mi notes it all. That grandma is upset with eun sung. If this scene had transpired twelve episodes ago hwan would have lambasted the absent eun sung.

he probably gets propositioned hit on on the daily. it takes a female to realize these things obviously. On the bus when he sees her sandwiched between two men he marches over and pulls her close. At work the manager distributes blank feedback cards a monthly exercise where the restaurant s employees write anonymous notes to each other. Instead his first reaction is to draw blood.

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As they sing seung mi wraps her palm possessively around hwan s hand. When i see jun se being playful with eun sung i can t imagine hwan behaving the same way. Hwan could have just answered jun se s question which he does later bae soo bin dating anyone.
I bet korean guys everywhere are saying yeah in that same way to their girlfriends. Jun se remains calm despite hwan s innuendo.


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