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Ella 27 gets to be a late night deejay who keeps insomniacs and night owls company. He s soo sweet when admitting that he would rather not get into relationship if he doesn t think of marriage. Meanwhile policewoman shen xiaorou was upset because the pervert she caught was released on bail. changing sexual desire to appetite no time to date. But then after that he said should be tired after meal so that means he can use tired as the reason to reject it later on. although it is still rather cold in the hotel proclaims ella mischievously the obvious ring leader in the girls antics and the one who directs the other two during the photography session so that everyone could get a good shot. rational about love singleton hebe professes to be the most rational one among the trio when it comes to love but she is unsure if that is a good thing.

Credits jastan87 of cefc for translation of article asianfanatics. One of their ballads is a collaboration between selina and r b whiz jay chou. The girls feel that the album in the form of a radio programme is a brand new concept that is more down to earth and which signifies that they are not little girls any more. E came out with her first solo ep separate from hebe and selina for the first time this summer. with more than 100 resident pandas the one at chengdu the so called panda capital of the world is among the most important. He would always think about food ekekeke. To hear more from the trio log on to http hichannel.

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this type of bag is about 30 000 nt it s ella s newest product in hand it s large size is practical for use. Ella and selina hope to go into acting while hebe wants to be given the chance to do the kind of music she likes. no matter how bad things seem what with the economic downturn and all you still have to carry on.
E it s always a pleasure to meet up with taiwan s foremost girl group s. Armed with this knowledge their hormones are closely monitored so that they can be placed together at precisely the right time. Since the filming idol drama of hana kimi ella was rumoured with rumoured boyfriend wu zun since he was present reporters chased after him asking if he minded. Korea really likes to design gold colored bags i don t know what crazy thing happened to me to actually for the first time to buy a gold colored bag of course it s a little weird.


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Fixed an issue with pet loyalty not being regained correctly when kubrow interactions fail for whatever reason. This radial blind will be applied to enemies that move into range after it s been cast and are blinded by the impact of those being slammed by reckoning loadout matchmaking problems. Fixed an issue with nova s wormhole duration not being affected by duration mods loadout matchmaking problems. Fixes fixed arcane helmets being untradable. Fixed clients being stuck on the please wait spinner when accepting an invite or joining through friends list. Increased the size of font in the arsenal menu.

Tweaked the sound effects on nyx s absorb. Added beginner mods to be given to players during the tutorial system so they start off with a selection of helpful mods to customize their gear. To address general survivability for conclaves as well reduced incoming health damage to 25 of current values. Fixed the chat window closing the wrong tab when closing a tab through the right click context menu. Once all of them are found agent 47 gains more experience to level up. Login to receive a free desaturated colour picker it ll be available for you to get for the next 2 weeks just by logging in.

Fixed an issue with the friend s and clan screens not properly displaying the correct amount of players in a session. Fixed issues with double clicking in ui not working correctly players were having to click up to 3 or 4 times for desired changes. As an example in the scenario of building an aklex and you have three one which is rank 30 you can now see the item s rank in this new display.
Fixed an issue with nyx s absorb being useable during bleedout. Fixed issue where crit damage and crit chance are not increased by mods for sentinel weapons.

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