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This callback can be used to determine the point at which it is safe to make a recycled webview visible ensuring that no stale content is shown. Send a request from your server to rvs to verify the receipt. Connectivity service sharedpreferences getsharedpreferences getpackagename mode private super. 0 verifyreceiptid developer developersecret user userid receiptid receiptid system. The host application is responsible for showing the ui if desired and providing the keys. These requests use the following format protocol server rvssandbox version operation version number verifyreceiptid developer shared secret user userid receiptid receiptid replace the terms in the angle brackets with the following values for transaction being verified protocol protocol being used to communicate with the server or sandbox such as https .

The following sample code is for a generic java server. Getapplicationcontext and then typecast to your own implementation. Parameters give the host application a chance to take over the control when a new url is about to be loaded in the current webview. Getinputstream string inputline stringbuffer response new stringbuffer while inputline in. The given webview can t be used and should be removed from the view hierarchy all references to it should be cleaned up e. This callback occurs early in the document loading process and as such you should expect that linked resources for example css and images may not be available.

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The keychain activity will provide the alias through the callback method in the implemented interface. A canceldate of null indicates that the purchase has not been canceled android validating a url. Xml to register your application implementation android validating a url.
Equalsignorecase 0 public void setregistered string uuid editor editor sharedpreferences. These response objects contain a user id value that denotes a unique identifier of the user. Tostring string receiptid responsejson.

Deploy the rvs sandbox in the amazon android sdk folder navigate to amazoninapppurchasing tools.

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