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The authors speculated that notification may have led the public to watch registered sex offenders more closely resulting in earlier detection of criminal behavior. 369 the county attorney of dubuque iowa fred mccaw worries about the law s inflexibility the law doesn t take into account the ones that have behaved themselves for however many years and have done the rehabilitation programs and are now contributing members of the community. We are especially grateful to those who trusted us with very painful and personal stories. The damage is less from registration itself than from having their status as a registered sex offender disseminated to the community and indeed to the entire world. Someone even sent a flyer to my wife at her place of employment an act the prosecutor deemed as harassment although they did nothing to find the culprit no fingerprints were taken from the letter laws against minors dating adults in california.

In jordan the court ruled that a sex offender could not be forced as a condition of parole to place a sign on his lawn that identified him as a sex offender but he could be so required under louisiana s sex offender registration statute. The juvenile justice system acknowledges that children who break the law should be treated differently than adults with a greater emphasis on rehabilitation and that forcing them to carry the burden of a public criminal record for childhood mistakes serves neither them nor the community. 244 the study also found that a lengthy record of non sex juvenile offenses was a better predictor of committing a sex offense as an adult than a record of a single juvenile sex offense laws against minors dating adults in california. Residency restrictions among laws targeting sex offenders living in the community residency restrictions may be the harshest as well as the most arbitrary. Unfortunately our research reveals that sex offender registration community notification and residency restriction laws are ill considered poorly crafted and may cause more harm than good the registration laws are overbroad in scope and overlong in duration requiring people to register who pose no safety risk under community notification laws anyone anywhere can access online sex offender registries for purposes that may have nothing to do with public safety.

A tier i sex offender is defined as a sex offender other than a tier ii or tier iii sex offender. 331 email communication from jarrod b. Some lawmakers admit to another purpose for residency restriction laws.
317 email communication from marcus t. 367 lynn county iowa sheriff don zeller reports that his county had 435 sex offenders registered in 2002.

The postcard the police sent to my home was a bunch of legalese i couldn t understand what exactly this individual had done to get his name on the registry and i had no idea what his criminal history meant for the safety of my family.

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