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Everything is very clear here but you start out showing a very common failure point using 120 but then show no step focusing on the 220 cord connections. It was 100 degrees during the day with periods of heavy rain. Before doing the above step the main power switch fuse box to the telephone pole gets disconnected. My wife did an unassisted dry run in under 5 min which included getting the generator out of the building. Installation of a manual transfer switch however is not for novices and should be installed by a qualified electrician.

These are awesome but very expensive and require a full time dedicated standby generator. Still with this method i turn on all breakers but my a c units then make sure i turn off consumers in a room i m leaving so i can turn them on in the next room. What is hidden is how the 220 plugs to the outside wall outlet. You are responsible for any code violations permits or awesome good stuff that comes from doing a project like this. Upvote caution you showed the handcrafted illegal male to male 120 cord.

Switching it on is easy and safe. Most boxes will have enough spare wire to move things around a bit. Instructables will help you learn how to make anything.
In this setup you use a breaker to energize your existing breaker box. Being a non sds separately derived system the nec requires that no neutral to ground bonds exist load side of the service equipment.

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