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But from his own experience the czech scientist 63 claims that over the past two decades his personality has been changing leading him to behave in strange often self destructive ways. Not only did it do that but it actually increased their attraction. The parasite which is excreted by cats in their feces is called toxoplasma gondii and is the microbe that causes toxoplasmosis the reason pregnant women are told to avoid cats litter boxes online dating crazy cat lady. Individuals with schizophrenia are also more likely to report a clinical history of toxoplasmosis than those in the general population other studies have shown. And during time he spent in eastern turkey he says he was able to stay very calm during gunfire while my colleagues were terrified. He says those infected with the parasite are for example at greater risk of traffic accidents. I wondered what was wrong with myself. The toxoplasma gondii parasite is only able to reproduce in a cat s gut i wondered what was wrong with myself he told the atlantic online dating crazy cat lady.

The parasite infects the brain by forming a cyst within its cells and produces an enzyme called tyrosine hydroxylase which is needed to make dopamine. He says he also refused to hide his contempt for the communists who ruled czechoslovakia for most of his early adulthood. Related articles share and this flegr believes is why the infection is making subtle changes to the human brain to manipulate the host s behavior though he admits to being unsure how the parasite intends to use humans to this end. Jaroslav flegr says has come to the conclusion because he himself believes he is a living example. We thought the parasite might reduce the rats aversion to cat odour she told me. Flegr says he then began to notice similarities between his behaviour and that of the reckless ant. The french according to flegr with their love of raw steak can have infection rates as high as 55 per cent compatred with 10 to 20 per cent of the uk population and 22 per cent of the us population who are estimated to carry the parasite as cysts. Flegr recently told the magazine how he started thinking about his own theory almost 30 years ago after reading a book by the british evolutionary biologist richard dawkins.

The toxoplasma parasite affects rats in a similar way to humans in addition the ability of the parasite to make dopamine implies a potential link with other neurological conditions such as parkinson s disease tourette s syndrome and attention deficit disorders said dr mcconkey. Humans are exposed not only by coming into contact with litter boxes but also flegr found by drinking water contaminated with cat feces eating unwashed vegetables or especially in europe by consuming raw or undercooked meat. A parasite s life after an infected cat defecates flegr learned the parasite is typically picked up from the soil by scavenging or grazing animals such as rodents pigs and cattle all of which then harbor it in their brain and other body tissues.
They spent more time in the cat treated areas. Dopamine is the target of all schizophrenia drugs on the market. Parasites passed from cats could be causing schizophrenia in their owners a scientist has claimed. It is unclear why the parasite has chosen humans as a host. It is then eaten by grazing sheep and the flatworm s life cycle continues in the animal s gut.


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